About Ava S. Butler

Ava is an organizational development consultant, partnering with business leaders to achieve transformational change. She experienced transformational change in her own life too, but the kind that nobody wants. Her husband and soul mate died of complications from Parkinson’s and Lewy-body dementia (LBD) when he was 65.

As a result of her experiences, Ava has become an advocate those with Parkinson’s and Lewy-body dementia and their partner caregivers.

She provides presentations and leads discussions to educate others about LBD hallucinations and issues facing those with Parkinson’s and Lewy-body dementia.

She acts as a mentor and friend to other partner caregivers.

Her book Parkinson’s: A Love Story with Dementia for Dessert was written as part of her own healing process.

Her goal for her book and also this website is to help others on their journey with Parkinson’s and LBD and to share the idea that love stories come in many forms.

Ava is also the author of Mission Critical Meetings: 81 Practical Facilitation Techniques.