Delusions and hallucinations are common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, but they’re often overlooked or ignored — both by people with the condition and their caregivers.

Celebrities like Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox have helped thrust Parkinson’s disease into the media spotlight, educating people about its associations with tremors, slurred speech, and deteriorating motor function. Lesser known, however, is the link between Parkinson’s and psychosis, a non-motor symptom that can cause people with the progressive movement disorder to experience hallucinations, delusions, and more.

Read the 8 Facts You Should Know About Parkinson’s Disease and Psychosis in link below.  It’s an excellent overview and a quick read.

And the below article talks about the 8 Signs Your Loved One Has Parkinson’s Related Psychosis, and is equally important to read.  If your loved one has started seeing (or hearing) things that aren’t there, they may be experiencing psychosis, a common symptom of Parkinson’s.


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