A recent report in Nature Partner Journals highlights:

An estimated 90% of people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in the US are covered by Medicare health insurance.

How these beneficiaries use and engage the health care system is important to understand in the face of a rapidly growing PD population. Here, we analyzed health care utilization patterns of those with a PD diagnosis enrolled in Medicare in 2019.

By our estimates, PD beneficiaries number 685,116 or 1.2% of the total Medicare population. Compared to the overall Medicare population, 56.3% are male (vs 45.6%), 77.9% over age 70 (vs 57.1%), 14.7% people of color (vs 20.7%), and 16.0% are rural residents (vs 17.5%).

Our analysis identified significant disparities in care. Surprisingly, 40% of PD beneficiaries (n = 274,046) did not see a neurologist at all during the calendar year and only 9.1% visited a movement disorder specialist (MDS). Few Medicare beneficiaries diagnosed with PD use recommended services such as physical, occupational, or speech therapy.

People of color and rural residents were least likely to access a neurologist or therapy services. Despite 52.9% of beneficiaries being diagnosed with depression, only 1.8% had a clinical psychology visit. Our findings emphasize the need for further research on population-specific barriers to accessing PD-related health care.

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