We have tried some wild stuff and working with Dr. Pam is high on the wild stuff Richter scale.

Dr. Pam is a psychic healer and a damn good one. Our main goal is for Richard to “land the plane safely” in this lifetime so that his anxieties, fears, and unresolved issues—and mine as well, for that matter—do not follow us to another lifetime. I want our next lives together to be on a higher level of peace and power. I’m not doing this again.

Dr. Pam works with Richard’s spirit guides and connects with his higher self to help him address issues getting in the way of leading the best life possible. Her own spirit guides help too, as do other archangels and whoever else she summons.

One of the first times we met with her, Richard was looking over Dr. Pam’s shoulder as he started his session. (I was allowed to sit in because Richard was rarely able to communicate clearly due to his condition.) Dr. Pam asked, “How many fairies do you see, Richard?”

“Four,” he responded.

“I see four too, Richard,” said Dr. Pam. I, of course, saw zero fairies, but just because I couldn’t see them didn’t mean that they were not there. I was the least evolved person in the room.

Dr. Pam has worked with Richard and with me for over two years. And it has helped a lot. Oh my God, has it helped a lot. And we will eventually land the plane safely.

Told you it has been wild.


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