Today, The Michael J. Fox Foundation is announcing the most significant breakthrough to date in the search for a Parkinson’s biomarker: a highly accurate biological test for Parkinson’s disease. The test is capable of objectively and reliably detecting the disease at the molecular level — even before the onset of symptoms.

This is the first biomarker capable of identifying people with Parkinson’s, or those at risk for Parkinson’s, through abnormal alpha-synuclein — the hallmark protein that misfolds in Parkinson’s — in the living brain.

“Validation of this biomarker launches a new, biological era in Parkinson’s research,” said Kenneth Marek, MD, Principal Investigator of the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI), MJFF’s signature clinical study of Parkinson’s biology since 2010. “This is what PPMI was built to do, and we are especially grateful to the thousands of study participants whose contributions have enabled this watershed moment.”

Below is the link to the full article.


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