Compassion and Choices now offers two excellent and customizable online dementia tools.

The Dementia Values and Priorities Online Tool allows users to create a Dementia Healthcare Directive to add to a standard advance directive. This empowers healthcare proxies to implement end-of-life decisions free of doubt on a patient’s behalf in the future.  I can’t tell you how important that was to me and Richard. 

The Dementia Decoder lets users identify the current stage of a dementia diagnosis, specify what they hope to achieve from an upcoming clinical appointment and customize a list of helpful questions. Users can print or email the resource to their provider and/or family members in advance of an appointment.  I know from my own experience that planning ahead and agreeing questions in advance is critical.  It’s so easy to forget important topics without a written list.

When you or your loved one are faced with dementia, every helpful tool and bit of information makes a positive difference.  Check out these links to learn if they’re fit for your toolbox.


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